Our Approach

Bespoke solutions to challenging problems. Zone Recovery Global are specialists at finding the way, when others are lost.

All projects we undertake for our clients, benefit from our teams high level of expertise and skill.



We're able to get emergency teams on-site within 72 hours and provide desktop studies within 48 hours. Our rapid response enables us to create more accurate assessments of zones.



Utilising state-of-the-art UAVs, we're able to produce hi-res footage and stills for planning use. Saving time, resources and most importantly helping us devise the correct strategy. Alongside specialist UXO surveying and removal, ZRG complies with UK standard 6187 - code practises for demolition.



We use machinery brands that align their skills with that of our needs. From standard machineries such as excavators, loading shovels and dump trucks. To non-standard machineries such as high-reach excavators, crushers, screeners, block machines and palletizing systems. Our trusted manufacturers include JCB, McCloskey and Horpre.



We pride ourselves on excellent sourcing and logistics from delivering specialist machinery, key personnel and specialist consumables items. Zone Recovery Global strives to achieve the most efficient, safe and problem-free delivery of all project items.



By introducing the UK, European and American standards, we can train local workers. Skills are ranging from site logistics, operating machinery and assisting in the production of materials. All personnel will receive a manufacturer-specific, on-going training course alongside accreditations in preventative maintenance and upkeep of machinery provided by our supply chain.



Depending on the damaged sustained by the structure, there may be materials available to be re-used or recycled by using our specialist team and hardware. Zone Recovery Global can pinpoint what materials can be expertly extracted. After reclaiming materials for recycling, contamination checks would follow, ensuring the quality of the material is high. We then stockpile the resource on site ready for a local factory or manufacturer to use.



We put the bespoke strategy into play, following the highest safety standards when utilising specialist demolition machinery from high-reach arms to remotely controlled demolition equipment. We don't have to stop at the ground floor - concrete groundworks can be removed, foundations dug-out and underground piping capped-off, all while respecting underground services that are to be retained.



Once all metal has been removed and primary processing complete, we crush, shred or screen the waste streams. Shredded material conforms to RDF feedstock and crushed material down to a maximum of 75mm for subsequent screening. We screen material into the following categories - MOT Type 6F2, MOT Type 1 (both are sub-base for roads), material for “stabilized roads” (a tarmac substitute) and 8mm to dust for block manufacture.



Resulting materials can be blended with a bespoke mixture of polymers to produce a viable alternative to Tarmac. Along with road-making materials, we're able to feed screened debris into a block press. With the addition of cement and water, hollow blocks can be manufactured - a process which can be taught to local workers, ensuring ongoing production once we have completed our works. Batch spot testing is carried out to ensure the quality of all items manufactured meets ZRG standards and the UK, European and American standards.



Before handing the area back to the local authority, we validate the zones, ensuring all possible hazards are either marked and mapped or removed if required. The entire zone is now ready to receive new infrastructure works. With our training initiatives, our recycling standards and material productions, we aim to leave the zone with a stable foundation on which construct in a safe and stable environment.


Temporary Construction

Whether you need a climate-controlled structure in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula or shelter from the harsh climatic extremes of Afghanistan, ZRG recognises that there is not one rapid response emergency the same as another. Such complexities are why Zone Recovery Global has an in-house design and build team always available to work on bespoke solutions to every rapid response problem.

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