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Wapping Dock Parking

Project Overview

Liverpool City Council
Modular car park
Faster than traditional build

On the 31st of December 2017 a catastrophic fire broke out in the ECHO arena’s multi-storey car park. Some 1400 cars were destroyed in the fire which resulted in the building being deemed structurally unsound.

Zone Recovery Global were brought in to design and construct a temporary parking facility. Our clients requested that the new structure could be relocated in the future, once the new facility was constructed. We have constructed temporary structures across the globe and due to the nature of these temporary structures, Zone Recovery Global were able to offer a solution that would be delivered in 20% of the programme time of a tradition build. All with the added bonus of being able to relocate and re-erect the structure on another site when Liverpool City Council request so.

At the new site, adjacent to Wapping Dock in Liverpool, assessing ground conditions was paramount to a successful project, as over 50% of the area is backfilled dock. ZRG needed to ensure our client that any UXO and unmapped services were located and dealt accordingly, holding the utmost safety standards throughout the project. All while making certain there would be minimum disruption to the local area and services.

The temporary parking structures’ location was on current surface car parking. Therefore, while designing the foundations of the structure to accommodate the compliant loadings, Zone Recovery Global also devised a strategy for reinstating the surface car parking when the structure is relocated. We successfully solved this by locating all base plates 450mm below the surface of the site, allowing us to easily reinstate the existing surface car parking when the time comes.

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